O.H.S.O Paradise Valley location

Stumbled across this place on my WF world tour, so I had to stop in. This is such a unique place, I have no idea where to begin. I needed to use the bathrooms first, so let’s start there. They were clean, spacious enough, and had tap handles has faucets, which I found hilarious.
I make it to the bar and see a bunch of stock black tap handles. Since this is a brewery I expected it to be all of their beers, but I was dead wrong ( I guess I thought I was at Avery). When the beer menu was handed to me, I saw “local” and “national” beers. I was looking to order fast so I got one of the IPA’s thinking it was theirs, but upon review, it was from another brewery in Gilbert. After looking at the menu, they only had two of their beers on tap.
The service was amazing. I ordered a pint of the beer and the bartender goes “how about a pitcher, it’s the same price”. Anyone willing to give that information to a newb deserves a raise. It didn’t say that anywhere on the menu, and he could have easily charged me the same price for 16 ounces as he did 32, so kudos to that. Respect goes a long way in this industry, and I felt that as soon as I sat down. This killer deal is probably the reason 90% of the people are here
The atmosphere itself has an urban industrial casual fun feel. There is a large outdoor area with tables and cornhole. Garage doors are kept open and can cause it to be a little chilly on this December day. The kitchen is wide open and you can see everything. I’m not the biggest fan of this because I dont want to know how many times my food is handled in the background, but I just turn a blind eye.
The bar itself is huge. It is a horseshoe stylr with about 30-35 seats. The tap handles and liquor bottles block the way of the people across you, but it wouldn’t matter anyway since they’re so far away. There are also a lot of high tops in the lounge area, seating another 50-75 people. Space is not something this place lacks. It does an amazing job at keeping production space tight and enjoyment space at a maximum.
Their menu is average, and typical of most places. They have appetizers, salads, and main courses, but mostly focus on sandwiches. They have decent variations on burgers, but nothing out of the ordinary and not worth the $11-13 price range.
Overall, this place is pretty awesome. The killer deals on beer and the atmosphere are the highlights of this location. There is plenty of open space to gather with friends, enjoy cheap local beer (when on happy hour) and have a good time in the outdoor area. While I wouldn’t come back for the tap selection, I would return for the experience. This has been TRD approved.


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